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Contact Lens Solution

Contact Lenses

We offer contact lenses to our clients in one of two ways. In both cases you will recieve expert advice on the best lenses and best practices for contact lens wear, to ensure that you wear yours with optimum comfort and for many years to come.

Eyecare Programme

As a spectacle and contact lens wearer you will be aware that it is vital to continually monitor the health of your eyes. With lenses now readily available on the internet we are finding that lens wearers are having less regular check-ups - resulting in sore eyes, irritation, blurred vision, discomfort and even total lens intolerance.


It is vital that you have regular consultations with your optometrist to combat current issues and avoid any future ones too. 


Therefore, we offer for a monthly fee of just £15.25 (or £167.75 annual payment):

A comprehensive eye examination

(see our EYE EXAMINATIONS page for more)

2 x six monthly contact lens check-ups 

Contact lenses priced competitively with those found on the internet

20% loyalty discount on complete spectacles, sunglasses and other #ROR purchases 

Our Eyecare Programme ensures you receive the best possible service and the best possible products for the most competitive price.


T's&C's: The EYECARE PROGRAMME is a 12 month commitment. Should you end the standing order before the 12th payment, lenses and any consultations received will be charged at the ‘Pay as you go’ price and the difference will be charged or refunded as relevant.

Pay as you go

Alternatively, we offer ‘pay as you go’, where you may purchase lenses and check-ups as and when you decide to visit us: as with all our clients we will remind you when your eyes are due to be checked, as recommended by your optometrist.


Our consultation fees are listed below:

CHECK-UP                        from £45

CONTACT LENS FIT            from £85

CONTACT LENS TEACH      included in initial fit. 


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