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Eye Health Check

We allow our optometrist 40-minutes to carry out each of the tests outlined below with you, giving sufficient time for them to be performed thoroughly. You will have the opportunity to discuss any detected abnormalities that your optometrist may have found and their related concerns. Should there be any need for further investigation, your optometrist will write a referral letter to your GP, advising that a specialist see you or use the NHS direct referral system Opera to fast-track your treatment.


At the end of your eye examination your optometrist will advise you of any spectacles that you may require and when to use them, as well as when your next eye examination will be due.

History and Symptoms

At the beginning of the eye examination the optometrist will ask of your general health, the history of your eyes and family health, the reason for visit, any issues you have with your current spectacles and contact lenses.

Occular Motor Balance
A number of tests are used to assess how well your eyes work together and will detect the presence of any squint.
Spectacle Refraction
Working out your current spectacle prescription; here we allow ample time to arrive at an accurate prescription to go in your new spectacles.
Vision Check
Performed to assess the level of vision you have for distance and near, both with and without any spectacles you may already be wearing.
Convergence & Accommodation
An assessment of your ability to focus on near targets.
An assessment of your binocular vision.

A check that the movement of your eye muscles is normal.


This method of investigation is used to check your retina; many conditions can be detected using this technique, among which include diabetes and glaucoma.

Slit Lamp Bio-Microscopy
A visual examination of the front of your eye under high magnification: the lids, sclera, conjunctiva, cornea, tears, lens, and anterior chamber will all be checked for any abnormalities.
Fundus Photography
Your retina will be photographed under high magnification, a copy of which is electronically stored and referred to in your next visit. This allows the long term monitoring of your retina and optic nerve and is extremely useful for glaucoma screening.
Intra-Ocular Pressure
The pressure of the fluid in the anterior chamber is measured using a machine that blows a puff of air onto the front of the eye, the cornea. This test is also important for glaucoma screening.
Colour Vision
Usually conducted in your very first eye examination, this test looks for colour-blindness.
Visual Fields
An assessment of your peripheral vision; the results of which provide further valuable information in screening patients for glaucoma.

Eye Health Check 

Price List

Full 40Minute Eye Examination

-Private                                       £58.50

-NHS-Subsidised                     £37.50

Childrens Eye Examination

-NHS-Subsidised                         Free

Emergency Appointment £30.00

Additional Refraction*       £30.00

*Please note that while we will make lenses to prescriptions from other opticians, we offer an additional refraction service to confirm the prescription is to our standards prior to making your bespoke lenses.

Without this additional check we cannot accept responsibility for any error in the prescription.

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