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When we do sunglasses, we do them right.

From an optical standpoint, we want you to have the best protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays – and the best way to do this is with polarizing lenses. We go a step further by offering curved lenses to go into those frames that follow the curve of your face: offering greater protection by reducing the light ingress from above. We go even further by featuring a range of sunglasses that not only can withstand the manhandling of putting your lenses into them, but also follow fashion trends.


Our polarising lenses are good for summer holidays, but they come in most frequent use (in the UK) when driving into the winter when the sun is low in the sky or reflecting so brightly on wet roads. Our recommended lenses will block out ALL the glare, giving you the clearest and safest vision while you drive. 


We also make sunglasses with just a reading prescription: a multifocal lens with your reading prescription in the bottom and reducing to nothing at the top. Not only does this result in avoiding the awful need for the reading-glasses-over-sunglasses look, but it also acts as the perfect gateway into the varifocals that we all inevitably end up with!

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