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Bespoke Spectacles

We believe that your spectacles should fit you, your eyes and your lifestyle in every way.

We have three opportunities to achieve this with every pair we make for you. The first is the choice of lens, the second is the frame we fit those lenses into, and the third is the adjustments we make to that frame, to make it comfortable for only you.



While we have complete freedom in the manufacturer we use to produce your lenses we have come to trust SEIKO Optical to provide the very best vision for our clients.


In Japan, the word ‘SEIKO’ means ‘precision’ – and that’s exactly what you experience with any SEIKO lens. Their lenses can be up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, and all supplied through us include the following coatings as standard: a scratch-resistant hard-coating, a special anti-reflection coating (see below for more) and an easy-to-clean water and oil resistant top coat.


Having produced lenses for over 40 years, SEIKO Optical is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced lens materials, consistently delivering the style, comfort and quality that you would expect form an innovative global brand.


Our dispensing optician, Suzi, is your SEIKO Lens Specialist and so is certified as having a wealth of expert knowledge of their lenses, enabling her to advise on the most appropriate lens for your individual needs.

Seiko Lens Coatings

You may notice that when looking at some spectacle wearers that you cannot see their eyes clearly because of reflections on the surfaces of their lenses.


Not only do these reflections look unattractive but they also affect the vision of the wearer, especially when driving at night as these reflections will cause increased glare from oncoming headlights, causing discomfort to the spectacle wearer.


SEIKO’s ‘anti-reflection’ coatings virtually eliminate reflections, and when combined with their scratch-resistant hard-coat and a water and oil resistant top layer, your lenses will always look great and allow you to see clearly. Choose between Super Scratch Resistant; Super Reduced Blue and Road Clear Coat...examples are available to view in store.




The hardest part when buying new glasses always comes when trying to find the right frame. But at The Reigate Optical Rooms you are in luck because our dispensing optician, Suzi, has 40 years of experience in helping people do just that. The pieces that she chooses to stock are a direct result of this experience, seeking frames of current and classic styles, of high quality and of all sizes.

Frame Fitting

When you collect your new spectacles, Suzi will spend some time with you to adjust them so that they fit comfortably around your facial features and rest in balance between your nose and ears.


Over time spectacles can stretch or get bent out of shape so we ask all our clients to come back to see us from time to time to refit their glasses.


Both of these services are always included in the purchase of your new spectacles.

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